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A letter to our friends from the 50's and 60's!


In 2008, after their 45th reunion, a small group in the class of 63 felt there was a need to bring our alumni from the 60’s together.

We had seen so many changes to our “little town” but knew, we had a special bond.

With determination and team effort we were able to put together a picnic, which originally was scheduled to be held at Carlson Park. After much discussion and effort, we were able to bring it to “our” high school patio. That was fun and fulfilling.

The first year was great, after that, it got even better. Not only did we have our “picnic” we also had a car show.

After a few years we felt the classes of the 50’s should be included, which was a great decision.

We had a mission to bring our alumni from those years together and we feel that mission has been accomplished.

Due to many factors, as of November 1, this website will be put to rest.

It has truly been our pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful community. We hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as we have.

Until we meet again, stay healthy and happy!

Your “Golden Girls”,

Barbara Schwartz Hand ’63
Mary Lou Brown Schatan ’63
Judy Rumsey Bullard ‘66
Carol Tripoli Broeland ’63

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