Culver High Alumni Bio's

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead
where there is no path and leave a trail.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Name-Maiden Name: Keith Foster

Year Graduated: 1960

Occupation-Occupations: retired now from museum administration (1976-2005) and nationwide in-museum exhibit design.installation (2006-2016)     

Where are you living now: Mesa, Arizona

Marital Status: 37 years

Children: 4

Grandchildren: 1

Great-Grandchildren: 0

After graduation: U.S Navy "SeaBees," L.A. Piece Jr. College, UCLA, CalPoly in Pomona and Univ. of California, Riverside (graduate studies).

What were your favorite places in Culver City: Titos, Foster's Freeze, A and W, Hamburger Hamlet, Meralta and Culver Theaters, Studio Drive-in, MGM backlots (I went over the fence so it is a secret).

Interests: Living and traveling in Arizona, other travel, minatures of all kinds, museums, art, music and other cultural activities.

Additional Comments: After one year at Hamilton High I transferred to Culver and I enjoyed my two years there to the fullest.  I had great teachers to helped me greatly along the way.  I had great friends also - Larry Anderson, Barbara Dinkel, Dianne Hood, Pat Johnson, Fred Lemke, Neil Massie, Judy Nye to name a few.  I carry in my heart many fond memories of these Culver High alumni.

Email: 4keithfoster74@gmail,com

Phone: (602) 430 0100 (text only)