Culver High Alumni Bio's

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead
where there is no path and leave a trail.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Name-Maiden Name: Ron Stasch

Year Graduated: 1959

Occupation-Occupations: Retired

Where are you living now: Santa Cruz, Ca.

Marital Status: married, 2nd time

Children: 3

Grandchildren: 2

After graduation: Air Force, UCSB,SJSU, UCSC

What were your favorite places in Culver City: Culver Theater

Interests: Back-pack travel, diving, fishing, writing, some snow-boarding, doing whatever makes me happy.

Additional Comments: Had a reasonably interesting and exciting life. Traveled extensively, usually back-packing through various countries. Stayed in Japan with the A.F. for four years and hit several Asian countries and islands Worked many places, including Playboy Club, advertising, therapist, consultant. Created four real estate investment companies and retired early. 1st marriage was a loser. Being single was a bitch.k - too dangerous out there. 2nd marriage a winner but had to go foreign to get one that could live with me. I retired in 1990, but still do start-ups. Just created a new product, Blast I'm learning the keyboard and American Indian flute. I iive two blocks from the Boardwalk and try to get out by the ocean as much as possible. Overweight, but in perfect health except for a ski injury to my knee. Got to get back to size 34 jeans. Got down to 168 after hiking the Inca Trail, then shot up. Anybody have any suggestions on a fun diet that works? Can't run with a bum knee and hate aerobics.