Culver City High School, Classes of the 50's

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Class Email Address
Frank Augusta 1955
Dick Ableser 1959
Clark Benter 1959
Robert Campuzano 1956
Jane Cash 1959
Vicki Colyer 1957
Bob Comer 1955
Ronald Dishon 1955
Lynn Durocher 1959
Marilyn Elliott 1957
Fred Fischer 1958
Greta Fisher 1953
Marilyn Fraser 1957
Paul Geneson 1959
Alan Glassman 1959
Martha Gunther 1957
Robert Hammond 1959
Charlene Harding 1959
Marie Helmer 1956
Jack Holmes 1953
Sonja Hook 1958
Richard Johnston 1959
Maureen Lee 1953
Erwin Lewis 1955
Harlan Limmer 1956
Patty McKane 1956
Jeanne May 1956
Sandy Matheson 1958
Santa Medaglia 1958
Janice Musial 1959
Bill Perez 1959
Janice Robinson 1958
Sandy Runyon 1959
Larry Saylor 1959
Carol A. Schmidgal 1959
Mel Simpson 1959

Janelle Smith

Elaine Spitalnick 1955
Ronald Stasch 1959

Sandy Stevens 1959
Karen Taylor 1959
Gloria Voisan 1956
Ray Wall 1955
Jim Warren 1959
Mike Whalan 1958
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Culver High Alumni, the 1960's

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