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Ted Taber, a CCHS Alumni Class of 1965 wrote a book. The Killer in us. The Killer in Us A Novel of Reckoning Christopher James and a handful of his classmates are being tormented and assaulted daily by a beast of prey named Donny Blackmon. Clearly, someone has to make it stop. For Chris, wishing the class bully was dead, oddly seems not all that unusual. Killing him is quite another matter. Yet undiscovered by Chris, there is a killer lurking in him, as there is in many of us. Most of us refuse to believe it or pretend it isn't there, but as an innocent fourth-grader, Chris learns that when there is no choice, staying alive wins. Thrust into a life-or-death situation on a cold winter day, Chris finds there is no time to think, only time to act. When an unexpected opportunity arises demanding a split-second decision, the killer in him emerges and he does the unthinkable. But it doesn't end there. In the ensuing years, Christopher discovers that evil is everywhere. It just wears different faces. So make no mistake, the killer in him will be summoned again.

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Bruce Campbell from the class of 63 is joining our list of alumni who have published books.

At the end of May, 2013, Bruce Campbell left home for a year on the road searching out the past of his generation of veterans as expressed in the vision, passion and pain displayed in the memorials they have left behind, that came out of their collective experiences in Vietnam.
That experience is on display in more than 700 sites around the United States, as small as a large breadbox and as large as several football fields, each different, each a symbol of incredible hardship, sacrifice and individual will. Some, reflecting the conscience of a state or community while others are the product of a single mind, unwilling to leave the past behind until it can be shared with others in a way that can be understood, and sometimes not even then.
The story details his search through 45 American states, visits to county courthouses, cemeteries, parks, museums, military bases and even one Chicago front yard. It describes a journey begun in strength and pride in his brothers in arms and ends up testing his endurance and state of mind, in one long, life altering year.

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Manuel Zamora, Gunsmith to the Stars is a behind the scenes story of early Hollywood movie making. The story is a biography retold first hand by Mr. Zamora's daughter, Cory, and co-authored by Dr. Tomas Martinez. Manuel Zamora was an icon recognized for his expertise in armaments who made movies believable, and come alive to movie fans during Hollywood's golden age and beyond. From such movies as Wings, and Hell's Angels, produced by Howard Hughes, to designing the famous gun used in the Man From U.N.C.L.E television series, Manuel's influence was the stuff of legend. His story takes you on a journey through historical Hollywood from a unique insider's perspective, illustrated with many rare behind the scenes original photographs from Manuel Zamora's own private collection. Manuel Zamora was not only a man who bravely faced firing squads three times and lived on to become a trusted friend of Howard Hughes, and many Hollywood stars, but his achievements also include developing the machine-gun technology that that helped to ultimately win World War Two.

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Music From Both Sides of the Moon by Bob Garrett

Bob Garrett from the class of 1963 is another of our alumni to publish a book.
In “Music From Both Sides of the Moon”, you'll meet E.Tim Kelly, bitten on the head by a cottonmouth water moccasin as an infant and member of Professor Crady's Traveling Show of Oddities and Prodigies; Joleen Salveson, Navy nurse captured by the Japanese on the island of Corregidor during WW II; Nathan O'Shea, leader of the 'Night Bloomin' Jazz Men' New Orleans' hottest band in the '40's; Molly Carolina and her family as they struggle with the tragedy of suicide; and the rest of an endearing cast of never-to-be-forgotten characters.

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Tales and Flukes From Life In the Trees by Jim Loomis

Jim Loomis takes us from his earliest impressions that led him to science and mathematics to living in nature and environmental activism.  With humor and unabashed bravura, he brings us to his unique view of the post-modern, post-bankster world.

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Dirt Nap Chase

Bob Moody (Author) and Diana Howell, class of '66 as (Editor)
For most people, keeping on schedule with a madcap plan for suicide via a Cadillac, duct tape, and a garden hose, would be simple. For Chase Murdock, “simple” becomes very complex, exacerbated by an addiction to irreverence and chronic self doubt. At sixty years old, divorced, childless, unemployed for the third time in ten years, still annoyed by his mandatory Vietnam tour of the Mekong Delta courtesy of the US Army, and irritated by a sporadic prostate problem, the hapless Murdock detests the idea of navigating the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. He obsesses his friends will remember him as a diapered vegetable in a nursing home, drooling, mumbling, and subsisting for the next forced feeding. Rather than go quietly, he confides his exit strategy to his best friend, whose camaraderie not only derails his plan, but unleashes a rapid string of events, forcing him to face his ultimate resolution.

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John Lambert, class of 1963 was approached by Al Hiegel, a World War II veteran and asked to detail the account of those who served on the USS Independence. Hiegel served on the ship during the Pacific Campaign. John devoted 4 years to writing the book and making sure the book was not only chronologically correct, but a true depiction of the efforts made by those who lived and served aboard the ship.

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A history of racing Burt Rutan inspired experimental aircraft designs from 1983 - 2005

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CCHS Class of 1963

A color memory keepsake published for the CCHS class of 1963 50th year reunion.

Available for 1963 classmates and their family members.

Contact: John Lambert

The Maybelline Story by Sharrie Williams and Bettie Young

Sharrie Williams class of 1965, heir to the Maybelline legacy, is Tom Lyle Williams's grandniece and Evelyn Boecher Williams's granddaughter. Growing up in their homes, and steward of the vast Maybelline archives, Williams tells the story of the birth of the Maybelline empire and dishes intimate and never-before-told details about the fascinating family dynasty behind it.

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The Liberation of Maggie Weintraub by Melanie H. Vansell

Our own Melanie (Cohen) Vansell, class of 1964 has published her first novel,
The Liberation of Maggie Weintraub.
Although this is her first novel, the quality, tone and story are incredibly well crafted. Melanie's sense of adventure and curiosity are transformed in the character she created.

The book is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble
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Tales of a Hollywood Casting Director by Mike Hanks

Mike Hanks, class of clowns, 1960-62, had chums all over. If you look up Attention Deficit Disorder in Webster's there's a picture of Mike there. Stumbling through school on mostly jokes and the laughs. He lost a year and finally got a diploma from the class of 62. He had always wanted to be an actor, and for years studied the craft hard only to get sidetracked doing casting, for most all the majors, for almost twenty-five years to become casting head at our MGM Culver City. His memoir is an insightful, uplifting and a very humorous read, for any artist. And Picasso said we're all artists, to have abundant fun as we struggle to make money and search for artistic success....a philosophy he aspires to. 
Offered at, under performing arts, he says he'd love to hear your thoughts after you read it.

The Krafty Kats

Beth Kaplon, class of 1966 and her family are selling their home made crafts online at

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